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Vaccines for Children Six-Months to Five-Years of Age

Vaccines for Children Six-Months to Five-Years of Age

Covid vaccines are now authorized for children six months of age and older.


Delmar Pediatrics has pre-ordered Pfizer vaccine for our newly eligible patients. The Pfizer schedule for children in this age group is a three-dose series. The second dose is given three weeks after the first. The third dose is given eight weeks after the second dose.


We will schedule patients in the age group once we have the vaccine in hand. We hope to start vaccinating this week.


We are excited that this youngest group of patients will now be able to be vaccinated against Covid. We will do our best to meet the demand and to vaccinate as many patients as soon as possible.


Until now, the Pfizer vaccine has been the only vaccine authorized for children. Our practice has been administering Covid vaccines to all eligible patients since the beginning. Although Moderna was also recently authorized by the FDA for the youngest age group as a two-dose vaccine series, our practice at present will only offer the Pfizer vaccine.

Vaccines for Children Six-Months to Five-Years of Age

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