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Important Message Regarding Covid Testing at Delmar Pediatrics

Important Message Regarding Covid Testing at Delmar Pediatrics

Dear Delmar Pediatrics patients and families:


As Covid cases due to Omicron surge, federal and state health departments are modifying their recommendations. In response to evolving regulatory guidance and to ever-changing school requirements, we are adapting how we practice to ensure we are continuing to provide the best care for our patients.


Our office serves important roles such as delivering preventative care, vaccinating against infectious disease, and evaluating acutely ill patients. All of these aspects are vital and are best done by our providers, who know you and your children.


While we are also testing for Covid in our office, many patients are contacting us for the sole purpose of obtaining a Covid test. This results in fewer appointment times available to patients who need our skilled care. As local testing sites and home antigen tests become more readily available, we encourage our patients to make use of these options, freeing up our providers to meet the needs of patients who require medical attention in addition to testing.


Thank you for your understanding and patience in these challenging times.


Thank you for choosing Delmar Pediatrics.

Important Message Regarding Covid Testing at Delmar Pediatrics

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